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We started 2021 with an amazing surprise. The women of Divinity House sat in the kitchen discussing house business when Ms. Lily came downstairs with tears in her eyes. We all turned to give her our undivided attention, this was not usual behavior for Ms. Stephanie. "The family court of Seattle dismissed my case and Nae can finally come home.” We all cheered in support of the end of this grueling journey. After many visits, long counseling sessions, and self-evaluation work, Ms. Stephanie has found stable housing at Divinity House and gainful employment. She works diligently on being a healthy available parent as well as finding permanent housing for her family.
August 2020 Ms. Stephanie faced the hardship of a system in place that does not truly support the reunification of families when a parent has displayed behaviors associated with trauma such as homelessness and substance abuse. Each agency in place offering services that assist in sobriety and housing, but never really working on the bottom line as a means to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. It has been proven that mothers thrive when they are afforded the opportunity to reunite with their children after making a solid decision to change their lives, however, the programs don’t always have the capacity to support the reunification process, especially if the child is in a different state.


  • 399 Justice Involved individuals served since 2013

  • 124 Women assisted in finding and sustaining permanent housing since 2013

  • 23 Women supported through our safe housing program since opening in Las Vegas in 2019,

  • 9 Women have secured permanent housing in the community

  • 7 have remained on at Divinity House opting to continue services as residents to complete a year.

  • 15 Women secured stable employment

  • 2 Women completing a GED/Diploma program

  • 2 Women enrolled in college



I would first give thanks to tha Man upstairs cuz without him i would not had met suck beautiful people. Second i would like to give a big thanks and much love to my big sis Vera Moore at True Beginnings. U have showed and taught me soo much about myself that i didnt even know. U showed me a new path n life and im takin it. Me workin? Now dats a big step fo me. Lol.

Living life on it's own terms, playing the hand I've been dealt - AND WINNING!

— feeling blessed.

After 33 years I finally get to get on with the life I deserve.


Thanks True Beginnings

You are a belessing.  God will perform miracles for you and your program.  You have touched many lives.  You choose to reach society's outcast.  You are giving families hope.


Amalie Eleonora

Thank you so much Mrs. Vera, I am so happy in my new house, with my new job.  I appreciate all of your support.


Ms. Alves

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