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Supportive Services

True Beginnings maintains a network of robust partnerships to provide women with access to resources and opportunities to support their independence and self-sufficiency, promote healing, and empower them to advocate for themselves and their families. Our services are gender-responsive and trauma-informed.

  • Support Groups

  • Life Skills Workshops

  • Healing Groups

  • Public Speaking

Housing Services

True Beginnings addresses trauma in the midst of housing and job readiness, as the first order of business in assisting women through transitioning from incarceration into a productive lifestyle. We offer housing on one condition - you have to be formerly incarcerated. Housing is a right, not a privilege.

  • Divinity House - Deferment and Fresh Start Housing

  • DH2 - Independent Living (One Year Clean with Recovery)

Advocacy - Education Guided Outcomes (E.G.O. ReEntry Project)

True Beginnings engages in local and statewide advocacy efforts that aim to eliminate harmful policies within the criminal legal system that disproportionately criminalize and incarcerate women and girls and low-income people.

Christmas Made Special

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